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Re: [MOL] KATHY Q/Back to Lil

Hi Lil,

They finally let him out of ICU yesterday afternoon.  He seems to be doing 
much better now.  There's always that crash after the chemo that he has to go 
through before his body starts rebuilding again.  I think we're through the 
worst of it for this round.  The docs said if the tests confirm he's in 
remission again, they'll do one or two rounds of consolidation chemo and then 
move forward with the BMT.  

I've finally started my new job!  The calls from finance (my old dept) are 
getting fewer and fewer and I'm doing a ton of reading about marketing.  I'm 
starting to get a glimmer of some of the stuff I'll be working on...  I have 
a short biz trip to San Diego next week.  Boy do I have a lot to learn!!!   

Speaking of trips... how far is Orlando from you?  Nothing firm yet, but 
there's a remote chance I might be able to get there...

You haven't given me an update on you and your sweet Chuck lately.  What's 
the scoop girlfriend?

Love,  Kathy
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