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Re: [MOL] Chris, Nanc and Kathy

Dear Marlene:  You always make sense, my dear, and I know you're right.  The 
appointment with the plastic surgeon yesterday wasn't exactly a walk in the 
park, if you know what I mean.  If I hadn't already, I've been forced to 
absorb the reality of it all.  It got me down a little bit, so I went outside 
and worked in the yard.  I'm going to do that today, too.  Somehow it helps, 
and I'll have something pretty to look at when I come back from the hospital. 
 Doctor thinks I'll only have to stay a day or two.  I can handle that.  
Besides -- I won't be in the cardiac ward this time, so I can eat real 
food!!!  I need to get with it today.  I'm suffering from inertia here.

Love, Kathy
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