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Re: [MOL] KATHY Q/back to Lil

Hi Lillian,

You do keep track of me, don'tcha girlfriend!!!  Tommy is still in ICU, for 
at least one more day.  His potassium level is still way down and they are 
very concerned about the fluid in his lungs.  And of course his counts 
(white, platelets, etc.) are still very low.  But the barfing's finally 
diminishing and there's no more sign of internal bleeding.  They got some 
tentative positive news on the bone marrow biopsy from last week, but are 
waiting for the full report before counting it as totally positive.

The biggest problem with ICU is there are so many really sick people there 
requiring constant monitoring that it's impossible for either Tommy or Wendy 
to get much interrupted sleep.  Wendy stays with him overnight anytime he's 
having a hard time unless she's convinced he's got a nurse on shift she 
approves of...  What a gal!!!  

I am so glad he realizes that when I come by he doesn't have to "visit" with 
me.  If he wants to talk, fine.  If he just wants to sleep, fine.  Mostly 
right now, because Wendy is in overdrive as a caretaker, I'm trying to make 
sure she too is taken care of.  Making sure she eats good stuff and has a ear 
to listen and a shoulder to cry on.  Her mom and dad are doing the same.  

One of my friends asked me today if I was getting tired of the roller coaster 
ride.  I said "no way".  I'll take Tommy alive and on as many turns as the 
roller coaster has to offer.  It doesn't mean that it's not exhausting for 
Wendy and other primary caregivers.  What I do for them doesn't hold a candle 
to what Wendy does for Tommy and what he must be doing for himself.  But, I 
hear so clearly what Nanc and other caregivers have said.  No matter how much 
the cancer patient or the caregiver wishes for a respite (regardless of how 
brief), we all gladly embrace the ride just to have our loved ones stay with 

How the heck are you doing Lillian?  I'm still trying to plan a trip down 
your way... we'll see if I can pull it off...

Love ya,  Kathy
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