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Re: [MOL] Chris, Nanc and Kathy

    I couldn't agree with you more, although I understand what Nancy was 
saying.  I'm so used to being the strong one in the family even when I'm 
sick, that it's been hard to follow the rules of concentrating on myself.  
It's been hard watching my husband and daughter worry about me, but they do 
get along okay.  They are learning as I am learning, not to be selfish but to 
allow the other to deal with things on their own as I deal with things for 
me.  That's how we all grow, not by protecting each other but allowing each 
other to grow.
    Yes, I do get a little selfish now and sometimes feel guilty about it, 
but my doctor is very firm about getting "ME" well.  If the others were sick, 
that might be different, but they aren't and my energies need to be focused 
on my health at the moment.  So I throw the guilt aside, give my friends and 
family room to take it all in, and I concentrate on me.  If they love me, 
they will understand.  Cancer lets you find out who your true friends and 
family are.
    Kathy, concentrate on getting better.  You have a wonderful, giving 
heart.  If you don't take care of you, we all lose that wonderful, giving 
heart in our lives.  So don't be selfish to us and get selfish with your 
health so we can continue to take advantage of that wonderful, giving heart 
of yours and you can continue life.  (Does any of that make sense?)
Luv you all,
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