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[MOL] Chris, Brenda- Emotional side of cancer

I think you both hit on something that is very real and very hard to put
into words, relating to the stress of dealing with life-threatening
circumstances, including illness -- a kind of post-traumatic stress
syndrome. I found many gifts in this illness, and weathered it well for
the most part, but in some ways, I feel like a rubber band that has been
stretched too far for too long. 

There is a "mourning" process which can be postponed, but it can't be
avoided.  I suspect those of us who are more upbeat during the acute
stages just experience the grieving in different ways later. And as you
pointed out, Brenda, it can be harder, because friends just don't "get
it." You're through the worst, it's supposed to be past, so what's the
problem? And there isn't the support system that is there during the
treatment. It is much like those who lose a loved one -- friends want
you to move on quickly, more for their sake than yours.

Thanks for raising this seldom-mentioned dilemma, and please know that
I'm here for you! Love, Joicy
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