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[MOL] An Automated message from the search engine of One2Search.co.uk

This is a targeted mailing.

On 17th March we started a campaign to automatically register
URL's within our search engine by sending our software robot
off into the internet on a mission to return as many URL's as 

Our aim is to develop the worlds first accurate search engine by 
allowing web developers and web site owners to specify to the 
search engine exactly what keywords their web site should 
be indexed for.

It is in our opinion that although very effective, artificial 
intelligence has not advanced far enough to offer the kind of
accurate search results internet users so desperately need.
Our search engine will provide a real advancement in internet 
technology.  Not only for the technology used but also for it's 
flexibility and advanced marketing capabilities.

One2Search will include a number of exciting features that will
serve to market your web site in more ways than any other search

Imagine a search engine that automatically includes a refer a 
friend field at the foot of your home page without the need for
you to change your existing page design.  This feature will allow
visitors to your web site the option of referring your web site 
address (URL) to a friend, colleague or other interested party
simply by entering the recipients e.mail address and pressing

Imagine a search engine that actually rotates search results in
order that web sites receive an equal amount of traffic.

Imagine a search engine that allows it's users to request 
information about your web site without ever visiting it.
With One2Search.co.uk users will be able to check a box next to 
your web site listing on the results page, enter their e.mail
address and receive information about your site.  This feature 
supports multiple requests by the user and offers you the option
to compose your own marketing message.

The above is just a few of the benefits you will receive by 
your web site address (URL) with One2Search. Once launched we are 
determined to make our search engine the search engine for web 
web site owners and internet users the world over.

One2Search is due to go live on the internet within one month
from now and we are looking for 1,000 volunteers to test the 
search engine prior to its launch. All we are asking testers to
do is register their own URL's and specify what keywords they 
feel their web site represents. We will then carry out our own 
internal tests to assess the speed and accuracy of each 
keyword serach.

It is only fair that anybody helping us should receive an 
incentive.  We would like to offer the features mentioned 
above free of charge for 1 year to anybody that registers 
and helps with our tests.  The features such as refer a friend
and the autoresponder would normally be chargeable.  As an extra
incentive you will be the first to be mailed when we give away
shares in One2Search Limited.

You can register your interest by sending a blank e.mail to

Thank you for your time.

Christopher Scott

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