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Re: [MOL] Book suggestion for Mark (or anybody)

Dear Bridget,

Yes, I was overwhelmed with my diagnosis, as I'm sure everyone is when they 
first find out.  I can remember just about everything about the meeting we 
had with my Dr.  I didn't know very much at the time and when he said the 
survival rate was good I didn't hear that vital bit of info.  It didn't sink 
in until later, much later.  That's one thing I have to remind myself of 
daily, too.  The odds are good, the odds are good.  Thank you for the book 
advice.  I will have to look for that one.  Thanks for the welcome, too.  
This is a great extended family.  Mark

>From: "Bridget Rambeau" <>
>Subject: [MOL] Book suggestion for Mark (or anybody)
>Date: Sun, 30 Apr 2000 14:37:21 ADT
>Hi Mark, I'm not sure how long since you were diagnosed or how
>educated/aware you are of the whole process but I know how overwhelmed I 
>in the beginning (still am, to some degree). One thing I found to be
>invaluable to me was a book writted by a Dr. Robert Buckman. I don't
>remember the exact name (I'm not at home) but it was something like, "All
>You Need to know about Cancer". It provided info on the different types of
>cancer, their treatments, side effects, etc. but what I really liked most
>was how he talked about cancer affecting every aspect of a person's life 
>suggestions on how to cope/deal with different things. It was also written
>to help caregivers as well. He is supposed to be something of an expert in
>the field (according to his bio as well as my own Doctor). Anyway, I found
>it extremely helpful to me and just thought I'd mention it.
>So glad you've joined us...I LOVE a big family!
>Your friend,

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