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Dear Nanc:  You're right -- I have been thinking of myself and my needs.  
I'll probably keep doing that, too, until I get my own way!!!!  LOL  This may 
take awhile.  Actually, Steve isn't what you'd call a caregiver.  My brother 
Reilly fills that role -- and my other siblings.  Ditto my parents.  They're 
the ones having the really hard time with this situation.  I don't know how 
Steve feels about this.  He's a decent person and if he can't handle it, he 
can't handle it.  I know I should concentrate on myself right now, but I am 
concerned about the impact all this has had on those I love, so I must try 
extra hard to keep a cheerful outlook.  That's okay, though, I think, because 
I even believe myself from time to time!  I don't need a lot of hands on care 
right now -- I'm feeling pretty healthy -- so I'm not much of a bother to 
anyone.  I don't expect to be in the hospital for very long, either, and I 
think my anal retentive sister is coming to visit me -- AGAIN!!!   She 
rearranged my kitchen the last time -- after bypass surgery -- and I still 
can't find everything.  Who knows what she'll do this time?!!!!  

I do sympathize with you, Nancy, and everything you've had to go through, but 
I'll tell you something.  I'm very glad you don't have cancer.  I'll bet you 
are, too!

Love, Kathy  
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