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Re: [MOL] KATHY Q./Back to Lil

Thanks Lillian...  You have been such an inspiration to me.  Even though I 
get sledged (my term!) like everyone else when some new bit of news comes our 
way, I take a deep breath and try to sort out what it is that I now need to 
learn... LOL... I have been on such a learning curve!

Tommy stayed stable today and the doc promised he could move back to a 
regular room by tonight.  I'm waiting to hear from Wendy that they have moved 
him.  She's been camped out at the hospital since Thursday.  What an amazing 
woman she is.  At the ripe old age of 23, she is wiser than many women I 
know.  I sit in the room with her and Tommy and see their gentle touching and 
exchanges and just hope I can find such a relationship in my life.

She takes better care of him in so many important ways than any nurse or 
doctor who has worked on his behalf.  I don't mean the nurses and docs aren't 
great, but their focus is specialized, where she is looking out for ALL of 
Tommy, not just his medical condition.

I know there has been a lot of talk in the past few days about those who have 
cancer and those who care for them.  But the line blurs so often it's hard to 
say what should happen.  When Tommy got the news of his relapse, although he 
very much wanted one of his uncles to come and see him, he told his uncle to 
leave his phony girlfriend at home.  He had enough to cope with just getting 
used to this new news and didn't want to have to deal with her fake 
condolences.  Bravo for Tommy.  But over time, I know he will tollerate his 
uncle's girlfriend again.  But he knew when to draw the line and what was 
going to be good for him right now.

With Kathy in Boise, I'm thinking that that's what was going on... When Steve 
held back initially after her dx, it hurt her greatly.  But she is a 
wonderful and corageous woman who constantly rethinks her circumstances and 
doesn't have to take a position and then be stuck with it right or wrong...  

So... Kathy C... I hope things work out with Steve and he just had an 
emotional hiccup, but if it turns out he's not made of the right stuff, 
you'll hear from me and all of your friends here that you deserve much better.

And Lil,  you have kept me afloat more than you can ever know.  Thank you...

Much love,   Kathy Q
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