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[MOL] Every Disease can be healed

Aids, herpes, cancer and other so called incurable diseases can be healed
with Spiritual Healing.  Every disease has a spiritual cause.  Spiritual
Healing finds that cause and clears it from the Soul's records.  Pain
instantly disappears.  And the body immediately moves toward wholeness.  It
may take weeks (or months depending on the severity of your illness) for you
to be perfect, whole and complete again as you were originally designed to
be.  But you will see obvious, steady improvement, immediately.

	I offer absent Spiritual Healing.  Since all of my work is done with
your Soul it doesn't matter where you are in the world.  Every disease, be
it physical, emotional or mental, can be healed with spiritual therapy.
Please contact me by email (mystic2000@ca.freei.net) to get more information
or to set up a clearing session.