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In a message dated 04/30/2000 10:30:03 AM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

> For some reason, although it may not seem fair.  The one with the cancer has
>  to be the strong>  one, and has to be sometimes more supportive to their 
loved ones.  Being a>  caregiver is some times as hard as having the cancer.

Nanc, no disrespect intended here, but I must disagree. As hard it is may be 
to be a caregiver, and as much strength as it does require for a patient to 
deal with cancer, I don't think there is any comparison between what a 
caregiver endures and the patient endures.  I am in awe of all my father has 
been through, very courageously, I might add. No matter what it takes I know 
that my job is significantly easier than his. I don't have the isolation, the 
same fear, the pain, the worries that he has. While I can think of nothing 
less I would want to lose than my Dad, my greatest fear is FOR him. My pain 
of loss is an eventual fact of life as all parents/children expect, but I 
think suffering with cancer is not something any of us ever expected, least 
of all him.  I can cry; he has trouble crying - at least in front of anyone.  
I can talk about it; he can't. I can still work, eat, sleep well; quite often 
he can't. I can enjoy a nice day; sometimes he is too sick to look out a 
window. He has great difficulty maintaining a positive attitude, so do I, but 
I have support.  The difference is a world apart. -chris
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