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Re: [MOL] Kathy C!

Dear Chris:  He arrived on the scene yesterday at about 4:00, and stayed 
until 10:30.  We had other guests as well for dinner, and it turned into a 
great day -- totally unrehearsed.  I did enjoy him.  He was sweet to me, and 
told me he loved me when he left.  I just have to take him at his word and 
realize that perhaps he needs a little distance from this situation.  Also, 
it's not as if I'm all alone in the world.  My house was a zoo yesterday!  
LOL The doctor has prescribed some sleeping meds for me, and I actually slept 
clear through the night last night for the first time in about two weeks.  
I've had the worst insomnia lately!  Today I feel good.  I don't think sleep 
deprivation helps with the depression much, either.  I'm going to make the 
most of today, too -- with or without Steve.  

Love you, friend -- Kathy

P.S.  One of these days when I get rich I'm going to get a round trip plane 
ticket to Allentown PA and we're going to play!
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