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Re: [MOL] Nancy P./back to Lil and all Mols

Hi Lil & all Mols,
Sorry about not being here, I have been so busy, with working and getting Hospice in here for Don, he is all signed up now.
In case you didn't know, Hospice is not the same all over, we went with the one 25 miles from here, they even do Chemo.
The one in our town does not and wouldn't let Don keep his Oxygen Company or the liquid CO2.  He wouldn't sign on with
Hospice unless he could keep it.  They worked it out.  I have been on the phone when ever I had free time, which is not to often
around here.
I feel so bad for what Kathy is going through, I need to write to her too.  You know we all have had to learn to take one day at
a time.  She needs to think more about the good friend she had while she had him, some people just can't handle this awful word
Cancer.  God sent her him for some reason, and he may send him back to her again.  For not it is not worth stressing over any
thing and just focus on yourself.  Kathy I love you and I just know you'll beat this too. Love you, Mom (Nanc).
Bess, I feel about like your feeling right now, and I am so tired.
I was happy to see the new people.
Vicci, you take care girl, you and your family are in my prayers,
Deb what is going on with you lately?  Love you,,Mom (Nanc)
Lil I was happy to hear you had another Mol to have some fun with.
We are doing OK, we are making the best of every day.  I am getting tired.  I am here 100%for Mother and Don.
Kathy, you can move in with us, I am a good loving, caring, giving caregiver.
I am to tired to write anymore, so I will try and write all of you soon.
I have read all the mail just haven't had time to do more then that for now.
Thanks for asking Lil.
I love and miss everyone of you,
Nanc ():-)
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Nancy!  You have been quiet, how's Don and your Mom doing and most of all how are you holding up?  Keeping you in prayer.  Love ya, lillian
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