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[MOL] NO DIET -- Lose inches FAST.

Dear recipient,

1.  Do you need to loose weight?
2.  Do you want to do it without dieting?
3.  Do you want to start to focus not on the scale,
but start thinking inch loss, not pounds loss instead?.

No diet, no pill, no excercise equipment!

A new weight loss method has been developped where
in just one week you loose inches where ever you want to.
It takes only 18 minutes a day!

This method developed through GC workshops is
based on a new proven scientific way of managing
your weight. It is truly a "non-medical miracle"!
And it's also a great stress reducer. A free added bonus!

This program allows you to jumpstart your metabolism
each day and start burning off inches without excercising.
It's simple to do and can be done by anyone...even if your
in a wheelchair!

It's a lot of fun and all the information that you need to start
your new "loose inches where you want to" life can be yours today.

So if you are tired of diets, jogging, aerobics,
and personal trainers that don't make you any smaller,
here's what to do.


Yes, _____please rush me my

Print or type:

YOUR NAME:_________________________

YOUR ADDRESS:______________________


ZIP/POSTAL CODE:__________________________

YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS:______________________
Your email addresses is optional but can we useful for us
in cases where we need to get in touch with you re order
fullfillment. (It's not always easy for us to decipher other
people's handwriting).

I enclose $9.95 Plus $2.05 shipping for a total of:
$12.00.  Payment in US funds please.

We accept cash, money orders, personal checks,
and business checks. There is a mandatory 4 weeks
waiting period on order fulfillment for orders
paid by personal or business checks to allow
for bank clearing of check. Otherwise orders fullfilled
within 48 hours of receipt of payment.

If ordering your infopak by check or money order
make payable to:

Success Unlimited International
GC Workshop Info Pak
404 Bank Street
Ottawa, ON Canada
K2P 1Y8

This will be the best investment you will make this year.

Information is shipped on diskette unless you have a Mac.
If you have a Mac Computer, check here ______
and info will be shipped in print medium.

Thank you, Success Unlimited International

While we could offer many testimonials that this program
works, we have decided not to. The message speaks for itself.

If you want to achieve optimum health that is up to you.
We can not do it for you. We can only pass on information
to you that has worked for others. The rest is up to you.
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