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Yes, that is a lot of reading about most cancers.  I understand not everyone
wants to learn about all cancers, that perhaps they are only interested in
their own.  However; I have found the more I learn about each of the cancers
one can see a pattern, shapes are formed and things begin to make sense,
take on a meaningful understanding of cancer, cells; etc.  I also have
several auto-immune disorders (addisons/cushings) and while researching for
this, and for cancer I was able to tie together that there is a direct
correlation between the two.  I thought for sure I would win the noble
prize; as no one was talking about this.  I waited and waited for Mr.  Noble
to bring me my prize and then bam!  I am reading in research that they are
using chemo for some auto-immune disorders, that prednisone wildly used for
auto-immune disorders is being used for cancer. If we do not fully
understand cancer as a whole, then we are limited on our questions to our
doctors.  I say this because if we don't know the various cancer cells, we
also don't know the speed in which this cell growl's.  If we don't know
about platelets, when the doctor tries to explain it to us in one easy
Do you know the pattern in which your perticular cancer might spread?  I
sure didn't for sometime and I am willing to bet there are other's who also
don't..  A good example is with prostate cancer, if not treated early, mets
more than likely to the bone.  So a man can be walking around with his hip
hurting never dreaming his cancer has spread and perhaps will figure he
twisted himself and not even mention it to his doctor.  I am preaching and I
don't mean to.  I believe the fact that you were so interested in learning
all you can through reading and self education just got me fired up.  Sorry
bout that!!!!  Warmly, your friend, lillian

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