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Re: [MOL] Deb!

Debbie, his name is Paul Kelley, Princeton Acupuncture, located at
Montgomery Plaza up on Rte 206. He is WONDERFUL, and all the herbs are
fresh and custom mixed. I have used him for back pain, allergies, nausea
from chemo, depression, etc. etc., and have had better results with him
than with conventional meds. (I have often gone to him after getting
poor results from my regular doc). He also helped me rebuild my immune
system. Tell him "Joicy sent you," and Hi from me...I think I'm going to
have to make some time to get in to see him again,, Joicy

deb grodin wrote:
> I am VERY interested. Every morning I gag down all these pills, the
> thought of adding another one is enough to make me ................
> Thank you
> Debby
> Joicy wrote:
> >
> > Hey, Debbie, if you don't want to go with meds, you might want to
> > consider acupuncture and herbs. I know it has given me a great deal of
> > relief at different times for depression among other things, and it is
> > good for your immune system as well. (I don't know how I would have made
> > it through chemo without it). If you are interested, let me know. I know
> > a great practitioner here in our area. Love, Joicy
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