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Re: [MOL] Kathy

Dear Mark:  My surgery is scheduled for May 15th.  I have talked to my 
oncologist  who is one of the very best in the Northwest.  She agrees with 
the diagnosis and has strongly recommended the surgery.  Of course, she 
doesn't want to lose me because I am her prize patient!  The doctors say I 
won't need chemo this time.  Possibly some radiation, but perhaps not even 
that.  This is good news.  Chemo is not the most fun thing a person can do, 
is it?  You WILL feel better, though -- honest!  You're fortunate to have 
such a lovely family.  I think I told you -- I know several men who have been 
through testicular cancer -- years ago.  All are doing fine.  Best of luck to 

Love, Kathy
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