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[MOL] PS on Tom

Dear Friends:
    You are certainly getting a blow by blow account.  Just returned from the 
hospital for a few hours rest.  Tom has a beautiful private room with a river 
view (wish I were rich enough to donate money for them to wash the windows 
once a year--they are thick with grime).    He was in high spirits sitting in 
the chair by the warm sun writing in his diary and saying he had hope he 
could keep going.  The Infectious Disease doc came in while I was there and 
thinks the pneumonia just wasn't cured because of a blockage. He is still 
having trouble breathing and has paroxyms of coughing.  They will continue to 
give him IVs of antibiotics and hopefully send him home with oral ones.  We 
will have to see how this plays out.  I would be very happy to have as much 
time as I can with Tom but who knows.  Will keep you posted. Thanks for all 
your wonderful messages.  Love, Bess
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