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[MOL] Welcome to the click-4-a-cure group


I've added you to my click-4-a-cure group at eGroups, a free, 
easy-to-use email group service. As a member of this group, you
may send messages to the entire group using just one email address:
click-4-a-cure@egroups.com. eGroups also makes it easy to
store photos and files, coordinate events, and more.

Here's a description of the group:

Joke of the day to help support cancer Patients 


Here's my introductory message for you:

Thank-you for your continued support 


TO START SENDING messages to members of this group, simply send email 
to click-4-a-cure@egroups.com 

If you do not wish to belong to the click-4-a-cure group, you 
can unsubscribe by replying to this message, or by sending an email to 


Moderator, click-4-a-cure 

SPECIAL NOTE FROM eGroups:  Because eGroups values your privacy, 
it is a violation of our service rules for moderators to add subscribers 
to a group against their wishes. If you feel this has happened, please 
notify us at abuse@egroups.com 

P.S.  If you would like to learn more about the click-4-a-cure group,
please visit http://www.egroups.com/group/click-4-a-cure 


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from the mailing list, please visit the Medicine-On-Line Discussion Forum
at <http://www.meds.com/con_faq.html>, or send an email message to:
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