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[MOL] "Adoption Anouncement"

Yesterday afternoon, at aprox. 4pm we gained a new addition to our
family. She is a female, about one year old, a husky - not sure if pure
or mixed, and absolutely delightful. We have named her Zoe. I have
finally gotten my daughter!!! We just had a wonderful ride to the pet
store. Who ever her owners were shaved her! She is so funny looking, but
her hair will grown back. Oh I forgot, she weighs 37 pounds and is table
height. She loves to look out the window and watch all the goings on.
This family is the type that needs a dog!

For my fellow animal lovers, we did in fact rescue her. Got her from the
same group we had gotten Fred from all those years ago. I got a call at
work yesterday morning asking if I would like to "just take a look at a
dog". Do I need to tell you more. They had reservations for her at a
near by kennel, she spent the night here. We still have to sign the
adoption papers, but there won't be a problem.

Mother of three once again.
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