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Re: [MOL] Tom Today/Bess


I only respond to posts when the words come to me and I found myself wanting 
to reply to yours very much.  Although I am pretty new to the forum, I have 
watched your courage and support with your dear husband Tom.  I know this is 
a terribly hard time for you and wish there was something tangible that I 
could do to help you through this.  But since so many miles separate us, it 
looks like the best I can do is double and triple up on my prayers for you 
and Tom and trust that things will turn out as they should.  

I know I probably sound like a broken record on this, but I still don't think 
the lesson's in the disease, but in how we respond.  You have responded with 
grace, respect for Tom, dignity and courage.  You are a caring and giving 
person trying to do the right thing.  I admire you very much.

My thoughts are constantly with you at this difficult time Bess...

Love, Kathy Q
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