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[MOL] Nearing the End

Dear Friends:
    As you know, Tom was in the hospital with pneumonia for the past 17 days. 
 He came home so happy Sunday night.  Alas, last night at 1am he was taken to 
the emergency room of NYU with a fever of 102 and gasping for breath.  He is 
in critical condition and may not survive the weekend.  Even if he does get 
over the recurring infection,his lungs cannot sustain him much longer.  They 
will give him predisone, and numerous antibiotics.  There's some question as 
to whether to do a bronchoscopy to discover the source of the infection but 
I'm not too keen on that idea given the underlying problem.  So it's a 
question of whether to end things in the hospital, at home, or at hospice 
which I haven't had a chance to investigate.  It's so sad, but we just don't 
want heroic measures.  I'll let you all know what happens.  Love, Bess
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