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[MOL] Cramberries bring breast cancer risk down......

Finally.  Researchers are testing plants for anti-cancer properties.
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OTTAWA (April 22) XINHUA - Cranberries could bring breast cancer risk down by at least 40 percent in mice, opening prospects for curing the disease on humans, Canada's National Post reported Saturday.

In their latest study, Canadian researchers at the University of Western Ontario fed a group of mice with dehydrated cranberries and then injected human breast cancer cells into the mammary glands of mice.

Compared with another group of mice receiving injections but without eating cranberries, this group of mice prove to be 50 percent lower in risk of suffering from breast cancer.

Drinking cranberry juice was discovered capable, too, of reducing the number of expected tumors in the mice by 40 percent.

The cranberry-fed mice also showed a reduction in the spread of tumors to their lungs and lymph nodes.

Najla Guthrie, the study's lead researcher, was quoted as saying that "quercetin is the flavonoid found in cranberry juice, and it's been shown to have activity in colon cencer in a lot of laboratory studies."

In their next step, Canadian researchers will determine why cranberries inhibit the development of breast cancer in animals before they can be sure that cranberries have the same effects on humans.

Canada is one of the major cranberry producers in the world. More than 32,000 tons of berries were grown in 1998 to bring in 55 million Canadian dollars (about 37.3 million U.S. dollars), according to the newspaper.
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