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Re: [MOL] Joicy/Joy/Courage

Kinda brings the whole meaning to the words "The Peace that passes 
understanding", Huh?
    I found the Lord's peace a few years back when I wasn't really going 
through much at all, but firmly committed to "Seeking first the kingdom of 
God and His Righteousness."  All of a sudden, what I would usually call, 
really bad things started happening in my life, but I had such an amazing 
peace in the Lord, they did not really matter.  I dealt with them as needed, 
but any worry or tears or stress lasted only a few seconds.  Then I'd have 
this rush of peace over me and an overwhelming feeling of His presence. 
    With my cancer, it was the same way (still is).  Yes, I feared it, but 
felt peace to where the fear was just in the background.  By the time I found 
out for sure I had cancer, I had already made my peace with all and was ready 
to die if that was in His plan.  No, I wasn't giving up, just that death 
wasn't all that fearful anymore.  I would do everything in my power to 
physically survive, but was ready if the Lord wanted it.  I praise God each 
day for allowing it to be only 2nd stage and very operable.  I praise Him 
each day for my life, my husband, my home, my grandson, and my 4 children.  
They are all truly God-sent.
    Mark, if you read this, I agree about your children.  My 6-year-old 
grandson lives with me and his hugs and "I love you's"  Have been more 
healing than all the medicine in the world.  We talk a lot.  He doesn't 
understand what cancer is, but he understands that Grandma is very physically 
sensitive and has to go to the doctors all the time.  He knows something is 
wrong and does all he can to help.  What a blessing.
God be with you all,
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