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[MOL] Re: Depression

Dear Debby:  I appreciate your concern so much, but please, please do NOT 
worry about me!!  You have enough on your own plate, my friend, and losing a 
beloved pet is one of the most traumatic experiences you can go through -- at 
least from my standpoint.  I love my pets so much, I may need psychotherapy.  
And the weather -- of course it can impact you, but our other lovely ladies 
are correct.  It can certainly be hormonal, or a combination of a lot of 
things.  It's not a pleasant way to exist, though -- I know that from 
experience.  I'm a little depressed myself right now, and fighting the 
temptation to stay in bed all day.  I haven't done it so far, though.  I've 
managed to clean myself up every day, put on make up, do the hair thing, 
clean the house, and plop myself in front of the computer and actually work!  
It helps, but I still get these overwhelming feelings of horrible sadness and 
hopelessness every once in awhile and I just want to sit and cry.  

My gentleman friend is backing off, too, which isn't helping me much.  He 
told me yesterday that he felt he had rushed our relationship and it was 
getting too intense.  He needed some time to himself.  I told him I 
understood perfectly -- to take all the time he needs.  After he left, I went 
outside and threw rocks at the storage shed.  This was his "gentle" way of 
breaking up with me.  While we were together he was forever making comments 
about how perfectly I am "put together."  Not any more.  I don't think he has 
any conception of how desolate he's made me feel, but perhaps he will someday 
when someone deserts him in his time of need.  Actually, I've allowed him to 
make me feel this way -- I realize that.  Now I've got to get on with it.  I 
have things to do.  Crying only makes my face swell up.  I haven't cried yet, 
but when I do -- Katie bar the door!

I hope you can begin to feel better soon, my friend -- and me, too.   Life 
can be so tough sometimes, but then it can be so beautiful, too.  

Love you, Kathy 
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