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RE: [MOL] response to Dusti and anyone else about Testicular cancer

Dear Mark,

Thank you for opening up and sharing your story and that of J.D.  It really
struck a chord with me as my brother waited as well, finally went in for the
surgery.  About three years later, July of last year, he was found dead at
the foot of the stairs of his home by his wife.  Post mortem revealed
Pancreatic cancer as the cause of death.  I thank God that he did not suffer
and that he had no idea of the cancer that was growing in him.  All that I
knew was that he had not been feeling well and was going in to be scoped.

I know only too well the pain of emotional scaring caused by any surgery
that disfigures one's person.  On this journey however, the courage that
Joicy so wonderfully described is essential to defining who and what we
really are.  After spending my life defined by how I looked and what I did,
facing cancer has enlightened me to a depth of understanding me that is
fulfilling...I am what I feel emotionally and spiritually and what I believe
in.  I am the person who reaches out to touch others and who now has the
courage to be vulnerable in allowing others to touch me.

I now see with pain, the old me in all those I meet who are self serving and
too hurried to see their fellow man nor grasp the concept of the precious
gift of another day.  In saying prayers with my three young children each
night, we each take turns thanking God for something special that we are
grateful for that day and offering a prayer to God for someone who we feel
is in need of His Blessing...and that can and often does include someone
that offended one of us that day.  I know that God has blessed me with the
courage and strength to be here for my family and I now try each day to make
a difference in someone's life by offering a smile, a hug, or a kind word.

The fellowship of this group has been the motivating, guiding, and
sustaining force that has enabled this change in me.  It is a fellowship
that I believe has been touched by God.  God Bless you and I thank Him for
leading you to us.  Pax.

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