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[MOL] Today's Joke

Hi there all, my name is Murray i am 23 yrs old, cancer has effected  my 
life in so many ways, when i was 21 i was diagnosed with testicular
cancer, when i was 22 my dad was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, later 
that year my grandmother passed away from leukumeia, then my
 mother was diagonsed with colin cancer and cervical cancer, then on 
wensday April 19th 2000 my dad passed away from his battle.. it ws so 
i hope no one has to go thru the suffering he went thru. So i wanted to 
do something to help people with cancer 
so i started a Joke of the day site with all the proceeds going to help 
people. if any of you want to go check it out the Website, i attatched a 
couple links
Please pass this message on to everyone Thankyou and Godbless...

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