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RE: [MOL] Mark patient my friend.  Treatment is not easy.  When I went through
radiation (37 treatments) it really whacked me and I could not eat nor
drink, got dehydrated and wound up back in the hospital for four days.  It
took almost a year before I began feeling like my old self again.  It is all
part of the journey.  By the way, my older brother had the same thing and
had to actually have one testicle removed...we used to joke about it and I
called him "one eye".  Humor helps a great deal in dealing with life's
downs.  God Bless.

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Dear John,

Thank you for the welcome.  I have been sort of amused at the male-to-female

ratio here, maybe this is why I haven't said anything until now.  A bit 
intimidated???  I have a feeling I WILL be put in my place once the 
list-owner finds my criticism of the website.  <sigh..>  I really mean no 

I don't know what really to say about myself.  I have testicular cancer.  
It's been difficult but I have a very supportive wife and family.  I don't 
speak about it much but I do like to read and research.  I'm having a lot of

side effects from my therapy right now, hard to get much done but I look for

motivating things to read and listen to and have found it here.  Thank you, 

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