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Dear Ryan,

To get and receive messages just go to the following site and click on Jion the MOL
Discussion Group and follow the instructions.  You can call the National
Cancer Institute at 1-800-4CANCER and speak with a representative who will
send you information on cancer in general and Lymphoma inparticular.  They
can also advise you on the latest treatments and the best hospitals in the
area to go to for help.  You can also visit their web site at and get alot of information there.  The MOL
Discussion Group are a wonderful group of cancer survivors like me who try
to support and inform others new to this journey.  Please always remember
that where there is life there is always hope.  More people today are
surviving cancer than die from it.  Welcome and by all means join with us on
MOL.  God Bless and I will keep your brother-in-law in my prayers.

a 3yr Cancer Survivor

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Message from RYAN DEAN
I recently sent mail but did not include mailing information, if needed:
P.O. BOX 1779

I have not received mail on my computer so I do not know if it is possible.
Thank you again.
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