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Title: John
Dear Dusti,
Never to worry about asking questions...remember that old saying "the only dumb question is the one that doesn't get asked!"  We all have courage and dignity in us and usually, when disaster strikes, the human spirit is able to reach deep inside and call on faith and hope to overcome any obstacle.  I truly believe that out of each negative occurrence there is a lesson and message that God is offering to help us to grow.  I have had so many joyful events followed by some disaster in my life that I am surprised that I don't have permanent whip-lash ;+)
You express great care and loving support in your messages.  Do not sell yourself short and remember that it is difficult to feel down when you are grateful for the gift of another day on this journey.  Love you.
God Bless.
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Thank you for answering my impertinent, nosy questions (that wasn't a pun!).  As soon as I clicked on sent on my message to you yesterday I started questioning myself if that wasn't too personal or weird of me to ask you.  I'm just a curious George and it helps me so much to see how other people cope with their difficulties.  You truly embody the spirit of courage and dignity.  I can only hope that I face my trials with that in mind.  Thanks again friend.