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[MOL] Vacation

Good Morning All,

Barb and I will be leaving in a couple of days for what I feel is a well
deserved and overdue vacation for Barb and myself in light of the many
years of fighting to beat cancer. It is with a bittersweet message that
we leave as we know many of our friends and some relatives have major
conditions and we feel that not being able to support you and them
during this time of the needs troubles us. But, as you know we have
incurred many years of frustration, struggle, endurance, complications
and successes and for now we need to take some time to rejuvenate. I
hope and know you will understand.

We will be leaving on the 1st of May and be back on the 2nd of June.

During this tim of vacation, while we are relaxing and reflecting on
importance of quality of life and its wonders, you will be in our
hearts, thoughts and prayers. WE care for you and you will be forever
with us in spirit.

We part for a short time with this thought: Where there is hope, there
is life. Where there is love, there is strength. Where there are
friendships there are joys and support.

God Bless You All and be talking or communicating with you in a month.
marty and Barb Auslander
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