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Re: [MOL] Hi, Everyone

Hello dear friend Kathy,

I too was shocked when I read your post... I've read the posts after and what 
did I see?  Our angel Kathy of Boise busily helping others in the midst of 
trying to deal with this new set of circumstances!  But that just shows how 
special you are.  And it also shows why you are so valued on this forum...  
You, and so many of the other angels here are constantly reaching out to help 
and support others, just as others will reach out to you.   This forum is 
truly a circle of love.

You are very special to me Kathy.  I already think about that every day and 
how lucky I was to find you and the rest of the molers here.  I will say 
special prayers and send lots of very positive thoughts your way as we learn 
more about what we need to learn on this particular leg of our journey.

This is not an empty offer...  Please let me know if there's anything I can 
do to help.

Love,  Kathy Q
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