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Re: [MOL] Kathy

In a message dated 04/26/2000 3:24:36 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
KathleenCorrigan@AOL.COM writes:

> Dear Chris:  I appreciate your encouragement more than I can say -- and I 
>  definitely believe you.  However, I have found that women can often deal 
> with >  more adversity than men can.  I've seen too many men run from this 
sort of 
>  thing, and I'm bracing myself in case it happens to me -- again.  Maybe 
> Steve >  doesn't want to grow up.  
    Yes, Kathy, I too think it's more common for men to have problems with 
this - only because they like to "fix" everything and this is something they 
have to accept; something out of their "control" or have to trust someone 
else to fix. I also think some of your concerns are because the relationship 
is so new and also because of the bad experiences you have had with men. 
Kathy, maybe, just maybe, this time is different.  

I > think >  Steve loves me -- but I have a feeling it only runs so deep and 
will be 
> there >  only as long as he finds me fun and attractive.  I'm making him 
sound very 
>  shallow, aren't I?  I could be misjudging him.  I hope so. 
    I hope so too.  But it's certainly understandable after all you have been 
through to think so. See Steve has his emotional baggage and you will have 
yours, but maybe together you can go through it and come out the other side 
with more sunshine than you ever dreamed.

 I was thinking.  >  I wonder if they could fix the other one so it matches 
my new one.  I think >  I'll ask.  A boob lift would be nice!  LOL  
    I think so, Kathy, and I think they would, why not?  If they don't, we 
could all go on the Sally Show and ask her to help our friend Kathy get two 
new matching boobs! :)  I'll take the facelift as a consolation prize; maybe 
a little bit of lyposuction too!  Oh yeah, I'd also take some of that makeup 
tattoo stuff - where they permanently line your eyelids.  New contact lenses 
- the kind that CHANGE the color of your eyes... Hope I was able to bring a 
little bit of a smile to that lovely face of yours.  -chris
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