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[MOL] John

Title: John

John, can I ask you a dumb question?  I have the utmost respect for what you have been through so I hope this doesn't sound cavalier or rude but are you able to smell?  If not, do you miss it?  When I was 15 I had to have two extensive jaw surgeries that left my face looking like the elephant man for about six weeks.  It was so swollen that you couldn't see an indention for my nose and I was bruised down to my chest.  Anyway, I remember looking in the mirror and being scared that I didn't recognize myself, the surgery changed the shape of my face forever but I'm use to it now.  It was after I healed that I realized that I am not my face.  A good lesson for a young girl to learn.  Of course that doesn't even compare w/ what you have gone through.  I enjoy your posts.