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[MOL] Kathy

Hi again Kathy. Read your msg about Steve and his difficult childhood. To a 
point, I understand and can share some of his misgivings. My mother was ill 
during my whole childhood too and died when I was 21. I had to contribute a 
great deal toward her care and help in raising my sister.  BUT as an adult, I 
have learned that illness is indeed just another part of life and there is NO 
running away from it.  Had I been able to "trade" my poor sick mother for 
someone else's I would NOT. My mother made me strong and I am who am because 
of her.  And should I have to care for my father, I would GLADLY do so.  I 
would wipe his tears or his behind if I had to - with love, appreciation, and 
respect in my heart.  If I were married and had an ill spouse, it would be 
the same story. So Steve will have to grow up now if he hasn't yet. If he 
does rise to the occasion, he will find that he has gained so much more than 
he has ever given.  And he will get a brand new woman besides! :)  Hey, maybe 
you should demand your moneys worth from that doc - insist on a new facelift 
(etc.) to match that brand new body!  -chris

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