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[MOL] Kathy C

Title: Kathy C

Kathy, I have also heard that if you want to see what a man is made of, you have to see him under pressure or stress.  Like you said, better to find out now.  You are a wise lady and have been through much worse so if this man disappoints you, then he is not your equal.  You sound braver than I could ever be and I respect that.  Please let me know if there is anything I could do.  Also, I use to be a huge Roseanne fan, My husband & I would watch it each night before we went to bed.  My favorite episode was when Roseanne had PMS the day of Dan's surprise birthday party, I'll never forget that one, her behavior was so funny and familiar to me and I always liked that twinkle in her eye.  I agree that towards the end it was stupid.  Everyone turned gay, won the lotto, got pregnant, had a heart attack, etc.  Now we watch Seinfield every night for a dumb laugh.  Kathy, I'm sure glad you have your brother with you.  Take care.