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Dear ______,

It is my last hope. May I ask you a favor? My mother was hospitalized on March 15th because of
severe jaundice and heard that she caught the gall bladder cancer and had an operation.(No result of
tissue test yet)The physician in charge says that the cancer started 6~12 months ago. They draw off
the bile from her side now. She says she sometimes has a pain beneath the pit of the stomach.(It has
been for 15 days) She stays in a ward stopping the operation because the physician in charge said
that the surrounding of the gall bladder is swollen and adhesive. She was operated on for perityphlitis
on August last year. The rock in the gall bladder was also removed at that time. She had been O.K
and suddenly got a sentence of cancer. Would you tell me how to relieve the adhesion and dropsy? Is
it possible to be operated on again? The physicain says only an operation can relieve the cancer.
The cancer has not spread to the liver or the other internal organs. She is now 60 years old. 165cm
tall. weighs 71kg.
Yours sincerely,
It is my last hope. Please,please tell me how to cure my mom. Please inform me of the information of