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[MOL] Free Health & Nutrition Evaluation kubao

 What vitamin supplements do you really need? Now you can make smart supplement decisions and resolve health issues naturally via a unique on-line Internet survey.Based solely on inputs provided by you and information from classic texts on human physiology,a correlation is made between symptoms,or groups of symptoms,and weaknesses in various organs,body systems or tissues.By screening for 
nutritional support,specific food based vitamin
and mineral supplements are recommended to facilitate healing and cell regeneration.When deficiencies are corrected,symptoms usually disappear.
 (See Sample Report below)

 As a health enthusiast, you are being offered the opportunity to receive this confidential multi-page Health and Nutrition Report FREE (currently offered at a fee).Research has shown the report is a reliable indicator of health status and longevity.

 To participate in this limited offer, go to www.myhealthstore.com and click 'Survey' and then 'Register for an Evaluation'.You MUST register
 using your name, address and correct email address. This information is confidential and will not be sold or distributed.  Enter the word PROMO as an access code for free registration.The system will give you a personal username and password to access the registered client site where you can take the survey, research suggested supplements and visit the site in the future.

Sample Report found at:

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