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NO greater profound message have we received than the gift of what you
sent to us. WE hold that to our hearts with the most sincerest of joy
and comfort in knowing you are our special Sister. I am relieved in the
words you have spoken as I have been frustrated and worried about your
well being. I hold some comfort that the binds that we have are stronger
than ever and that no one or no one thing can break those bonds. I am
also hoping that the energy and miracle that we experience is one in
which will be parted on you as well. We have these visions, from time
time, that bring us the positive emotions about souls like you and your
husband. We are happy to announce that....the fate of miracles will
touch you as well. Believe, my friend, believe.

WE care for you as we care for ourselves.....that is holy and loving.

God Bless YOu, always
YOur most devoted friends,
marty and Barb

> Lillian wrote:
> I have been contemplating for long hour's just the right way to let
> you know how I rejoice in your wonderful news.  I have read everyone's
> wonderful messages and thought "Why couldn't I think of that".  Can
> you believe lillian has been left speechless?  Okay group quit your
> laughing.  However; dear Marty and Barb something keeps repeatedly
> going through my mind.  I believe it to be fitting:  "Where ever you
> go, I will go, what ever you do; so shall I do.  Your people will be
> my people and your God will be my God too."  "We will be together
> forever and my gift is my love for you".Bro.Gregory,WestonPriory.
> Forever, lillian
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> Album.
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