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I can remember my dad telling us about being in the war and seeing professed 
atheists change their beliefs in an instant.  I thought you'd all get a kick 
out of this one.

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>Terry Belter
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>       I Believe 
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>       There was this atheist swimming in the ocean. All of sudden
>       he sees this shark in the water, so he starts swimming
>       his boat.  As he looks back he sees the shark turn and head
>       towards him.  His boat is a way off and he starts swimming
>       crazy.  He's scared to death, and he turns to see the jaws
>of the great white beast open revealing its teeth in horrific splendor.  
>       The atheist then screams, "Oh God! Save me!"  In an instant,
>time is frozen and a bright light shines down from above.  The man is
>motionless in the water when he hears the voice of God say, "You are an
>atheist.  Why do you call upon me when you do not believe in me?"
>       The atheist, with confusion and knowing he can't lie,
>replies, "Well, that's true, I don't believe in you, but how about the
>shark?  Can you make the shark believe in you?"
>       The Lord replies, "As you wish," and the light retracted
>back into the heavens and the man could feel the water begin to move once
>       As the atheist looks back he can see the jaws of the shark
>start to close down on him, when all of a sudden the shark stops and pulls
>back.  Shocked, the man looks at the shark as the huge beast closes its eyes
>and bows its head and says...........
>       "Thank you Lord for this food which I am about to

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