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Re: [MOL] Re: Here I am again --

    My prayers were with you.  I'm so glad all went well.  Praise God!  I 
like keeping my husband "flabergasted" too.  But not too often.  He tends to 
put me on this pedastal (spelling?) thinking I can do anything and he doesn't 
have to help.  Being Superwoman is not easy.  I had to sit him down several 
years ago and let him know I was not Superwoman and needed some help once in 
a while.  I still have to remind him from time to time, but he's much better 
about it now.
    I knew you were going into surgery, but I never heard what for.  Let me 
in on it.  Is there anything I can do?  Get your rest.  God Bless.
Luv ya,
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