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                                                                                                                         Ciudad  Bolivar , Venezuela   04/20/2000
                           i need help or any information possible
   My name is faddy lee chehayeb i am from Venezuela, my father has a history of DUKE's D Colon Cancer with Liver involvement  
2 years ago. He was treated with Liver resection and adjuvant Chemotherapy 5FU + LEUCOVORIN and he had an excellent res---
   Current Medical History : He denies any cough, fever, weigth loss, lack of energy, joint aches, or any other constitutional symp-
toms. 04/14/2000
   04/14/2000 Laboratory Data: CEA (4 hf), CA 19-9 of 45.
   04/14/2000 CT SCANS of the ABDOMEN: Show mild fatty infiltration of the Liver. No evidence of Metastatic disease.
   04/14/2000 CT SCANS of the Brain : Is unremarkable.
   04/17/2000 CT SCANS of the Chest: Revealed small lesions, the largest is 3,6 cm on the rigth side situated in the posterior seg-
ment of the rigth  upper lobe. and other lesion on his left lung of 0.2 cm .  (CHEST=LUNGS).-
   MEDICAL DIAGNOSIS  BY BIOPSY: ADENOCARCINOMA, moderately differentiated, with features identical to those in the pre--
vious Colon Tumor 04/24/1998.-
                i need any help you may provide, thank you in advance.-
                fady lee chehayeb E-MAIL: faddylee@hotmail.com