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Re: [MOL] sceroderma

Hi Angel,

Welcome to our wonderful forum!  I didn't find anything on sceroderma, but 
found several sites when I used the key word scleroderma.  Here's what the 
search engine I used found:

 <A HREF="">AOL 
Search: Search Results for "scleroderma"</A> 

I think you can just click on the link, or if that doesn't work, cut and 
paste the url into your search window.

Also, if you go to and type in the question "what is 
scleroderma", it brought up several sites.  I'm not sure whether or not 
that's what you're looking for, but if it is that should be enough to get you 

Let us know how things are going with your mom.

Warmly,  Kathy Q
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