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[MOL] Barbara Auslander-The Miracle Grows

Good Morning All,

As I mentioned, a couple of days ago when we received the good news
about Barbs tumor marker dropping to normal range, 30, I wanted to post
an update to that after we saw her Oncologist yesterday. Well here is
the rest of the miracle and good news. The Oncologist gave us copies of
all the blood tests and we were just ecstatic.

CBCs-(complete blood tests)

Hgb (test of red blood cells) 11.7        Normal (12-16)
Wbc (white blood cells)         5.0       Normal (4-11)
Platelets                     306,000     Normal  (130-400)

LFTs (Liver Function Tests):

Alkaline                      100         Normal (43-121)
ALT                            22         Normal (10-40)
AST                            15         Normal  (5-35)

CA-125 (tumor marker)          30         Normal (0-35)

All chem 8 tests and functions were in normal range including kidney

As you can see all functions are within normal range and her Oncologist
said that her immune system is very very strong and that is the reason
for cancer activity to be decreasing.

We have been accomplishing many things on a daily basis as a routine of
wellness and after all these years of searching and researching and
trying and doing, we believe we have the correct combination for Barb.
But of course time will tell. The key is to keep this immune system
strong and that is our desire and goal.

So, this is our miracle, the ability to keep all doors open to
suggestions, advice, education, knowledge, understanding, much prayer,
and then God willing and hopefully one day the right combination of
therapies and treatments provides wellness and a strong immune system,
comes to fruition. WE believe that has happened and so very spiritually
on this great holy week.

God Bless All and thank you for your support.
marty and  Barb Auslander

P.S. Barbara Silverman, Ron, Charlie, Les, Andy....thank you.
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