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[MOL] Invitation to join The Joke of the Day at globeclubs

Your friend, Click 4 a cure, has invited you to join the 
"The Joke of the Day" at globeclubs.

To join this club, all you have to do is:
1. click "Reply" and then
2. click "Send"

Here's what this club is all about:
"Free Joke of the day 7 days a week"

Here's what PGman88 has to say about it:
"WE have switched our Email Server, if you
want to continue to recieve the Joke of the 
day by email please click the reply
button "

To join this club, all you have to do is click 'Reply' and then 'Send'. 
You will receive a confirmation email shortly with more information.  
Or, come to the globeclubs website to set up all your options: 

If the above topic bores you to tears or if you don't want to be added 
to this club, just disregard this message.


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