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Hi, Everyone:  Just got around to posting today.  The past three days have 
been a little hectic and I've been sort of "out of it," if you know what I 
mean.  The surgery was a piece of cake.  I was so bored, I slept through the 
whole thing!  LOL  When Steve came to take me home, he said he expected to 
have to carry me to the car, put me to bed, and feed me clear broth all day 
as it dribbled down my chin.  This man has a very vivid imagination!  As it 
turned out, I walked to the car, and had him stop at the drugstore, where I 
went in and had my prescriptions filled.  He was flabbergasted.  I do like to 
keep him that way.  I was able to do that because everything was still numb, 
including my mind.  I have been taking it easy, however, because the area is 
quite sore, as anyone who has had this done will attest.  Anyway, I'm glad 
it's over, and as usual, the reality isn't as bad as one imagines.  Thanks 
for your concern, friends.

Love, Kathleen (Kathy C. in Boise I.)
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