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Re: [MOL] To receive patient aid for CML Leukemia/REPLY

Hi Judi!   Welcome to our wonderful forum.  Here is a list of places for raising funds for treatment.
Good luck, and stay and talk with us, your friend, lillian






Financial resources may include health insurance, =

government-sponsored programs, and services furnished by voluntary =




For many people, a portion of medical expenses is paid by health =

insurance plans which are either individually held, or group policies =

offered by employers. Information about the types of medical costs =

covered by a particular plan can be provided by the insurance company or =

the personnel office of the company. Medical costs not covered by health =

plans sometimes can be deducted from annual income taxes.

Medicare: Medicare, a health insurance program for the elderly or =

disabled, is administered by the Health Care Financing Administration of =

the DHHS. Most patients over 65 and some people who have been receiving =

Social Security disability payments are eligible for Medicare benefits. =

Benefits vary and patients should determine as early as possible which =

benefits they are qualified to receive. The HCFA can explain coverage =

and eligibility requirements by calling HCFAs Medicare Hotline at =

1-800-638-6833. TDD for hearing and speech impairment is 1-800-820-1202. =


Medicaid: Medicaid is a program for people who are in need of =

financial assistance for medical expenses. It is coordinated by the =

Health Care Financing Administration of the Department of Health and =

Human Services and administered by the States. Eligibility requirements =

are: persons on welfare; most persons receiving Supplemental Security =

Income; persons from low-income families who are under 21 or over 65 =

years of age; blind or disabled; or members of families in which one or =

both parents is dead, absent from home, incapacitated, or unemployed. =

Information about coverage is available from a local public health or =

welfare office or from the State Medical Assistance or State Medicaid =


Veteran's Administration (VA): If a cancer patient or spouse is, =

or has been, a member of the Armed Forces, the Veteran's Administration =

(VA) may be able to help with costs. The VA provides hospital care =

covering a full range of medical services. Out-patient treatment is =

available for all service-connected conditions, or non-service connected =

conditions in some cases. Questions regarding health care benefits =

should be directed to 1-800-827-1000.

CHAMPVA: The Civilian Health and Medical Program of the Veteran's =

Administration (CHAMPVA) is a medical benefits program through which the =

VA helps pay for medical services and supplies obtained from civilian =

sources by eligible dependents and survivors of certain veterans. Any VA =

health care facility can provide information about these programs. =

Questions regarding health care benefits should be directed to =


CHAMPUS: The Civilian Health and Medical Programs of the Uniformed =

Services (CHAMPUS) is a medical benefits program provided by the Federal =

Government to help pay for civilian medical care. Those covered include =

spouses and children of active duty Uniformed Services personnel, =

retired Uniformed Services personnel and their spouses and children, and =

spouses and children of deceased active duty and retired personnel. =

Information about CHAMPUS may be obtained from the CHAMPUS =

Advisor/Health Benefits Advisor at the nearest Uniformed Services =

medical facility.=20

Hill-Burton Program. Under this program, administered by the =

government, medical facilities (including hospitals, health departments, =

and nursing homes) receiving funds from the government for construction =

costs, etc. are required by law to provide a reasonable amount of =

services to persons unable to pay. For more information about =

eligibility for these services and to obtain the most current list of =

Hill-Burton facilities in your area call 800-638-0742 (800-492-0359 - =

Maryland residents) or contact Health and Human Services.=20



Information about the disability program can be obtained by =

contacting any Social Security Office, listed in the telephone directory =

under "Social Security Administration," or by calling 1-800-772-1213. =

TTY for hearing impaired is 800-325-0778.

Who Can Receive Disability Checks=20

Social Security disburses monthly disability checks to disabled =

workers under 65 and their families; unmarried people disabled before 22 =

who continue to be disabled; disabled widows and widowers (and, in some =

cases, disabled surviving divorced wives and husbands) of workers who =

were insured at death.

What Dependents Are Eligible=20

Unmarried son or daughter under 18, a sibling who is disabled =

before age 22, and/or the spouse who is caring for the child who is =

under 18.

How To Apply For Checks=20

An application must be completed before any disability payments =

can be made. This generally should be done as soon as it appears likely =

that your condition will prevent all substantial gainful work for a =

minimum of one year.

When Is A Person Disabled?=20

To be considered disabled under the Social Security law a person =

must have a physical or mental condition which prevents a person from =

doing any substantial gainful work, lasts for at least 12 months, or =

probably results in death.

Examples of Conditions Severe Enough To Be Considered Disabling=20

a.. Diseases of heart, lung, or blood vessels which have =

resulted in serious loss of heart or lung reserves as shown by X-ray, =

electrocardiogram, or other tests.

a.. Severe arthritis which causes recurrent inflammation, pain, =

swelling etc.

a.. Mental illness resulting in marked constriction of =


a.. Damage to the brain or brain abnormality that resulted in =

loss of judgment.

a.. Cancer, which is progressive and has not been controlled or =


a.. Diseases of the digestive system which result in =

malnutrition, weakness, anemia.

a.. Progressive diseases which have resulted in loss or use of =


a.. Loss of major function of both arms, both legs, or a leg and =

an arm.

a.. Serious loss of function of the kidneys.

a.. Total inability to speak.



Civic, religious, and fraternal organizations also might offer =

financial aid or services to assist the patient and family. Groups such =

as the Salvation Army, United Way, Lutheran Social Services, Jewish =

Social Services, and Associated Catholic Charities can be found in the =

yellow pages under "Social Service Organizations." Also, churches and =

synagogues sometimes provide financial help to their members. If =

financial aid is not available, these and other organizations may be =

able to provide transportation to and from the treatment centers, =

baby-sitting services, and special equipment and dressings for home =

care. Services are sometimes available from the Red Cross, Salvation =

Army, labor unions to which any family member belongs, churches, =

fraternal or social organizations. Counsel and assistance in =

rehabilitation is available from the ACS through such programs as Reach =

to Recovery for women with breast cancer.


A social worker at the hospital where a patient is or has been =

receiving treatment often can provide referrals to local sources of =

financial aid. In addition, a cancer patient might find it helpful to =

explain his/her financial situation to the hospital's business office =

and the physicians. Professionals involved in caring for cancer patients =

are well aware of the economic burden that the disease imposes on the =

patient and family. They might be able to develop a plan to reduce costs =

or extend payments over a longer period of time

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   My name is Judi Margulies. I will be undergoing a BMT for CML Leukemia May 23 and I am in desperate need of funds for this expensive disease.  please help me or direct me to the correct sources.  
  Thank You,
   judi Margulies
   VA. Beach, VA.
   Phone:  757-456-5064