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[MOL] Dusti

Thank you, Dusti! God IS so very good! 

Re: the tamoxifen -- I was embarrassed that it took so long for me to
tell him I had quit... I'm usually not such a wimp! It's just that we
discussed it so often, and he seemed to feel so strongly about my
staying on it. At any rate -- and this important for any of the rest of
you who have a hard time disagreeing with your Dr. -- he was FINE about
it! He said that 4 years was probably plenty.

And here is the clincher: it turns out that I am just barely ER
positive, so the benefits may have been minimal to begin with. I do
understand why he wanted me on it -- I had an aggressive lobular
carcinoma which is more like to show up in the other breast, and he
wanted to offer me every protection he could. But, I also believe we
have to trust our gut. Anyhow, one more hurdle overcome. Thanks again
for the congrats. You doing ok? Love, Joicy

Barham, Dusti # IHTUL wrote:
> Joicy,
> God is good!  My heartfelt congrats to you for making it 5 years! 
> What a blessing.  I hope you celebrate big time.  May I ask what your
> onc said about you removing yourself from taking the tamoxifen a year
> early?  just curious. 
> Love ya,
> Dusti
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