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[MOL] Possible danger from pet birds

Hello, friends, since so many of us are pet-lovers, but also have
impaired immune systems, I thought the following warning could be
important. It is from Dr. Stuart Levitz, who is a professor at Boston
University School of Medicine, division of infectious disease.

"Beware: Fungus carried by pet birds can be dangerous to people with
weak immune systems. Cryptococcus neoformans is common in the droppings
of birds, including parakeets, canaries, parrots, pidgeons, etc. It
rarely makes healthy people sick, but can be deadly to people with
impaired immune systems."

Don't know exactly how one would check for it, but something to be aware
of. At the very least, probably a good idea to have someone else on
"bird-cage cleaning" detail...

love, Joicy
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