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Re: [MOL] Fleas

Dear Crystal,
You've reached a cancer support group, but I will take a stab at this
anyway, since I have a few family members that also seem to be "flea
magnets" and I really sympathize! It sounds like the real problem is the
dog, and you can treat the house all you want, but if the dog keeps
bringing in more -- well, you already know the problem. I suggest you
give a call to your local vet -- you can bet they deal with this
question all the time, and there are some products on the market
("Frontline" is, I think, one of them) that are supposed to kill all the
fleas on the dog in 24 hours. The vet can also probably suggest other
things that will be appropriate to your are and climate. You will also
need a little cooperation from your roommate, of course! But if that's
part of the responsibility of being a good pet-owner. Best of luck to
you! Joicy

Temp User 1 wrote:
>    I have a flea problem.. but the problem is, they are always on me.  My
> roommates dog has fleas, and they have taken a liking to me. I don't like
> this at all, I have scars and bites all over my body. The ones that are
> starting to go away, go away but more pop up. I have bombed the House
> several times, and have used the carpet help at all from roommate
> too. I have a feeling they are in my clothes and in my mattress. I wash and
> vacuum all the time, then change the bag afterwards. i have done some
> alcohol (sprayed) it on my bed..mattress. Didn't do anygood still...PLEASE
> HELP!! My summer is shot so far, here it is Easter and I have to be the one
> of the side of the pool this year, In BLUE JEANS....HELP!!!!
>   Crystal,
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